To the Rescue Collection

When you are expected to be everything to everyone in your family, you can always use as much help as possible. To the Rescue offers essential solutions for your family’s daily unknowns. Young Living’s aromatherapy professionals have designed a kit that will come to your rescue. This kit’s five distinct aromas help to soothe, comfort, refresh, and calm. Deep Relief™, DiGize™ Vitality™, M-Grain™, Stress Away™, and Thieves® essential oil blends will each offer sweet solace when you need it most. Neatly housed in a Young Living custom-designed zipper pouch, this kit is as eye-catchingt as it is helpful. Conveniently sized to go anywhere, it can get you ready for anything— so bring it on, world!

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  • Complete essential oil kit designed to rescue you from many of life’s little problems.
  • Deep Relief essential oil blend provides a soothing and cooling sensation when applied to shoulders, neck, and scalp. Apply to joints after high-impact activity for a cooling sensation.
  • DiGize Vitality essential oil blend helps support a healthy immune system and soothes occasional stomach discomfort through supporting a healthy digestive system.
  • M-Grain essential oil blend contains Basil and Marjoram, which have been traditionally used to comfort and soothe topically. It instantly refreshes and cools when applied to the head, temples, and neck. Its herbaceous and minty aroma helps to create an atmosphere conducive to tension release.
  • Stress Away essential oil blend’s Vanilla, Lime, Lavender, and Cedarwood all promote relaxation, and its sweet and inviting aroma helps create tranquility in your space.
  • Thieves essential oil blend cleanses when applied topically and neutralizes strong odors from the air when diffused. It includes the blend of Cinnamon Bark, Lemon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary and is a key ingredient in Thieves Cleaner and Thieves Waterless Hand Sanitizer.
  • Young Living’s Aroma Rings offer a hands-free, discreet, and comfortable way to enjoy continuous aromatherapy without a diffuser.



  • Diffuse Thieves to cleanse the air from seasonal odors and refresh stale environments.
  • Treat yourself to an on-the-go massage by applying Deep Relief along the nape of your neck, shoulders, or any other area you desire.
  • Take DiGize Vitality in a gel capsule or glass of water to help soothe occasional stomach discomfort through supporting a healthy digestive system.
  • Apply M-Grain to temples, neck, and scalp for an instantly cooling and refreshing sensation.
  • Inhale or apply M-Grain to your chest for a revitalizing and stimulating aroma.
  • Apply Stress Away to the bottoms of your feet at night as part of a bedtime ritual.
  • Dilute Stress Away with V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex for a calming back massage before naps or bedtime.
  • Dilute Thieves and apply to the bottoms of your feet during cold winter months.


Refer to individual oil labels for complete directions

Refer to individual oil labels for complete cautions.


Young Living proudly offers customized, convenient solutions that harness the powerful benefits of essential oils. Every Young Living essential oil is backed by our Seed to Seal® quality commitment and natural, pure, and safe for you and your family. These pure, authentic oils provide the best natural solutions the earth has to offer to help you live your best life. Deep Relief, DiGize Vitality, M-Grain, Stress Away, and Thieves are some of Young Living’s most specialized essential oil blends, offering natural solutions to a lot of life’s little problems. Let go and live free, knowing that you are prepared for anything!

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