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About me

Dana Phillips

My vision for Essential Oils Pittsburgh is to bring supreme quality essential oils into your home, provide unique and spiritual jewelry, introduce you to Young Living members on our team, and celebrate people and their gifts. I may introduce you to someone from our Young Living team, someone who has touched my life personally, or someone new that I meet along our journey!

Who am I? I have always been drawn to healing, energy work, massage therapy, acupuncture, vibrational healing, and mental health in all capacities. Since I was in my late teens, it has been my passion to be surrounded by people that ask questions far exceeding our comfort zone and limited experiences, because that equals growth, strength and enlightenment. Indeed, my spiritual journey would have never happened if I had not ventured beyond limited beliefs, personal experiences, comfort zones, programs and paradigms.

For me, spiritual wellbeing, humility, forgiveness and the ability to love in the midst of all darkness are the epitomes of true wealth. And while I have far from mastered them, I do everything that I can to take consistent baby steps toward bringing more light into my world, and therefore everyone around me. I am convinced that one of the best gifts that we can give ourselves as well as the world is to be the best versions of ourselves. To evolve into our most “Authentic” self, that is, a self that honors individualism while resonating selfless love and light to others at the same time.

Since my early 20s, on most Friday nights, I could easily be found on the table of an energy healer or receiving a massage. I spent many a night meditating with my Young Living essential oils. And oftentimes you could find me dancing. Yes, I loved dancing for hours. And believe it or not, I’ve retained the passion until today! I absolutely love Latin American dancing, ballroom dancing, or just sensuous dancing. And although you probably wouldn’t guess it (or would you?), I am excited and determined to learn to belly dance! Since my early teens, dancing has been an absolute vortex for me, both in a spiritual and corporeal sense. An incredibly strong healing power that has helped me to overcome many an obstacle. Passion and that which brings our soul happiness, is so important in life.

Traveling is my passion

Another very important and fulfilling passion of mine has always been traveling – most probably because it brings adventure, excitement and curiosity. From a very early age, I have naturally been drawn to people from other countries. One of my best friends in high school was from Korea. And throughout college, I spent a great deal of time with people from the Malaysian, Columbian and Indian community. I even went on to spend extensive time with more friends from China, Russia, England, Austria, and more recently the Czech Republic in Central Europe. I am so incredibly lucky and privileged to have experienced tremendous freedom and to have traveled extensively throughout my 20s and 30s. 

You often ask me which of my trips were the most profound and healing. If I had to pick a few, I’d say Mexico, Croatia, Austria (especially the capital of Vienna), and Ecuador but it’s true that I met so many amazing people with great beauty and love within their hearts in so many other places as well. 

We often tend to think that to get a moving spiritual experience, one must travel to faraway places such as Tibet. But surprisingly enough, one of the most memorable trips I have ever made was when I attended a leadership trip to the White House as a college student. I remember being in Washington D.C. and entering a church that was filled with many people on the floor, all different races, worshiping God. I could feel that there was so much soul, depth, passion, devotion and love within that room. That moment will always be imprinted upon my soul and is forever a reminder that one does not need to travel too far to secure such resurrection within the soul.

Education and career

My degree was in human resource management. However, my commitment to align with my true purpose in life led me to massage therapy. My main profession throughout the past 20 years, massage therapy has been one of the most fulfilling chapters of my life. I truly love people and one of the things that I discovered as a massage therapist is that we are all much more “alike” than we are “different” in the way of our journey, our struggles and desires. The ability to bring happiness to someone else’s life is quite incredible. Having met so many people in my lifetime has been a tremendous blessing and has been symbolic of an extended family for me.

I remember receiving my first massage at the age of 21 and thinking to myself: “this is what life is about, not the layers and accumulation of stress but the ability to release all of the heavy energy through self-care and the ability to see things more clearly.” I became absolutely determined to be receiving massages for the rest of my life even if all that was left in my wallet were a few pennies. That’s because those precious moments that you spend sitting in peace after all the tension has been released from your body, are absolutely priceless. Massage therapy has been my “go to” magical vortex and a gateway to a much more meaningful and happy life. I’ve seen it change many people’s lives by forcing them to love themselves instead of accumulating and dealing with all the heavy negative energy.


Every choice that we make is, to some degree, predictable. Pay attention to your internal compass, that which you need to proceed forward in a powerful, healthy and fulfilling way.

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My logo

My logo is very special to me. I have always been drawn to all that is unique, intense, spiritual and holds great meaning.

My pictorial logo design consists of a colorful symbol composed by: 2 Fibonacci spirals, 2 oil drops and a circle, the core. The ensemble of colors resonates happiness and joy. I love beauty, elegance, that which is rich with class and I will soon share this beautiful symbol with all of you.

A Fibonacci spiral is a common representation of the Fibonacci sequence. Fibonacci numbers abound in nature, from sunflowers to hurricanes to galaxies. Sunflower seeds, for example, are arranged in a Fibonacci spiral, keeping the seeds uniformly distributed no matter how large the seed head may be. Leaves are also a common example of how the Fibonacci spiral is present in nature.

The reason Fibonacci spirals are incorporated into my design is that they are a beautiful way to represent proportion and harmony, the essence of nature.

Young Living products

I first learned about Young Living aromatherapy oils at a health fair more than 20 years ago. Having always been drawn to top quality products, I was absolutely impressed by their system of stringent quality standards known as Seed to Seal. Also, I discovered that pure essential oils boast exceptional frequencies that are reported to be extremely beneficial for our wellbeing. Astonishingly, the measured frequency of rose essential oils can go as high as 320 MHz, which is about five times the frequency of a healthy human body (62-70 MHz) and also the highest vibrational frequency of any natural substance known to man. I had known that to inhale rose is to inhale the love and kisses of angels, but it was only at the health fair that I finally understood why. What is more, the vibrational frequency does not just wear off in time. The experience of inhaling rose aromatherapy oil is as powerful and grounding and gives me as much energy as it did two decades ago. Over the years, I have gone through at least 10 bottles of rose oil. And while it happens to be one of the most expensive of all the oils, I am confident it saying it is worth every penny!  

Young Living has been producing and developing supreme quality essential oils since 1993 when Gary Young, the company’s founder, built his first organic farm and a simple, home-built distillery. The farm was situated in the state of Utah in the Western United States where, as he says, he found the ideal, clean soil for growing his aromatic plants. His vision was, and still is, to get essential oils into every home around the world. A deep understanding of essential oils makes this company a world leader in the development of the most effective and high-quality natural medicinal products. Today, their farms can be found on all continents of the world. The quality, purity and therapeutic power of these oils exceed official standards and are controlled from the original seeds to the packaging in which we receive the oil.

Young Living is far more than just a brand. The essential oils have brought ambience to our home, peace to my soul, focus, energy, and happiness to name only a few. It has represented that extra touch of feng shui. An ability to travel back in time, to reconnect with meditation, sensuality, and establish positive daily rituals. And, perhaps most importantly, it has connected me with so many beautiful people, an extended family.

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