Ondřej Šeliga, web developer

A lot of people believe we are living in an era dominated by artificial intelligence and robotization. But no matter how automatized and technologically advanced a production process is, there are always people behind it: those who come up with a design that changes the lives of millions, those who tweak it in time if necessary, and so on. Technology helps, but it does not substitute the human element. That’s why building strong and productive relationships with the right people is no less important today than it was in the past.

Recently, I have been privileged enough to have found Ondřej Šeliga, a world-class website developer who has just finished overhauling my website with a redesign. He’s created what I believe is an absolute masterpiece, a work of art that demonstrates tremendous professionalism, focus, creativity and brilliance. In addition to delivering work that, within my world, parallels that of a Bentley, Tesla or Rolls-Royce, Ondřej has proved time and again to be incredibly friendly and unbelievably easy to work with. And, perhaps most importantly of all, he has understood since the very beginning that the website is way more than just a presentation of Young Living essential oils and related educational opportunities. It is a bold expression of my soul, a platform to celebrate life and all the people that make it so special.

All of my life, I have been drawn to seeking out the “best” on all levels – products, experiences, people. You might think I’m picky, but that’s not true. I just don’t like it when people refuse to pay enough attention to what they do. After all we are not in this world forever so why waste time with the mediocre?


Ondřej, I am immensely grateful for your amazing work that defies mediocrity in every conceivable way. It is a tremendous honor for me to present my new website to my friends, family and the world. And I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to continue forward with our business relationship as well as to receive your assistance as I navigate the world of social media. Your work is extremely valuable. But knowing that you are by my side is priceless. Thank you so much for everything!

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